No code is the new buzzword in town.

It's easy to feel like everyone already knows all about no code, but when I leave my Twitter bubble I quickly realize they don't!

Now before you stop reading, trust me I am 100% sure you are using at least two of these products already and don't even realize it. Probably the most notable are Wordpress and Shopify, two major players among anything in the on-line space. Other major players include, Google Sheets/Docs, Wix, Canva, Squarespace, Typeform, Calendly, Eventbrite, Trello, Vimeo, Loom, Kajabi, Paypal. See, you did know a few😉. There are so many more like Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, Notion, Anchor, for just about anything you can imagine.

Over the last two years or so, the "no code" space has exploded with an amazing, ever growing list of tools, over 200 and growing. Why is this a big deal? Well, if you're an idea person such as myself, the ability to do just about anything, from launch a podcast to building a fully functioning mobile app or online store, is well, amazing! The real power comes in when you start layering them to build a full user experience.

I'll be tackling how and when to use the tools, what "stacking" means and more on the power of the combinations no code tools next time.