Another morning another, "Thank you for applying at X company" rejection letter.

I've lost count on how many of these I have received. We all know the story, you take hours tailoring your resume, writing a well thought out cover letter and then bam, within a few short hours or days you get the canned, "thanks but no thanks" letter.

How have we gotten here? How is it 2020 and we still have such an antiquated system for hiring people? The resume tells nothing about the person behind it, quite frankly it masks who people are. Look at the booming industry created just trying to make resumes more standard! As if each person, role and company are standard.

We should be hiring people, not paper. People who are equipped to do the role the company needs filled, regardless of your network, where you worked before, or if you haven't, your career background or lack thereof, race, how you identify, age and countless others disqualifies this system has created.

The resume is the best gatekeeper ever invented and together with unrealistic job descriptions they are a match made in hell.

Let's take myself as an example. My hard skills, three degrees, people management, design, strategy, product management, oh yeah I also started my own company. My soft skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, radical candor, humor first, and a passion for life long learning. My experience, one employer, an unknown in the middle of a small town. No FAANG, no Uber, no AirBNB, no agency. I have done everything in the traditional job hunting guidebook. I have the LinkedIn recommendations, I've been networking traditionally and non-traditionally, volunteering, taking on passion projects, host of two podcasts, and started my own LLC to show depth as I explore what's next. It's all on my resume, and each cover letter is tailored to the company I am applying. All that doesn't really matter as it rarely, if ever makes it to the hiring manager. Tossed out by a machine or worse a person because it doesn't match the enough of the right words, right degrees or right former employers.

This resume and job description system was designed to impart bias and gate-keep; it's time for a change. I'm on a mission to re-think, re-invent and remove the resume. I am building a new way to hire, to remove bias, to get to know the person behind the paper and I can't wait to share it with the world.

Until then, you can follow along on Twitter @saransoocks #helpingcreatives to see what's in store.