Podcast Ops


your podcast operations

A comprehensive group of templates and automations to share your published podcast content with your online audience through your website, social media channels or newsletter.

When you publish your podcast it goes out to the world for anyone to find. There are lots of ways to help build an audience and have a successful launch. This package is meant for what happens after your launch. Templates and tips to on how share your podcast content to connect and grow your online audience.

  • Launch a Webflow Podcast page to increase traffic to your site and help with SEO through consistent relevant content
  • Create Guest Podcast covers in Figma to highlight your featured guest on your site
  • Use Airtable to organize your published podcast content and break it down for other channels
  • Automate what you can through Zapier or Integromat to help you connect with your audience

What People Are saying

What's included?

One base to rule them all

  • All show notes, guest details and transcripts in one spot
  • Published podcast details to use in other formats
  • Social media and newsletter planning

Automate to save time

  • Start with your podcast RSS feed
  • Connect Airtable
  • Send to your Webflow podcast website
  • Share you content on social media or newsletter
Blurry screen shot of automations in Zapier and IntegromatScreen shot of Webflow CMS and Webflow Podcast template page for Talks With SaraNoSocks

Launch your website

  • Drive traffic to your existing site
  • Improve SEO with consistent, relevant content
  • Easy linking of your podcast to your auidence
  • Full control of your design

Let me guide you

  • On implementing and customizing your Webflow Podcast page
  • How to use Airtable to organize all your published podcast content for other channels
  • On using Zapier or Integromat to run all your automations

About sara

Hi! 👋 I’m Sara, a self-taught Podcast enthusiast and host of two podcasts Talks With SaraNoSocks and Can I Tell You Something Funny.  As the host, editor and promoter of two podcasts, I’ve spent years building and refining the podcasting process to save time without cutting corners.  I've been slowly building an audience and learning how best to share all the amazing content a podcast creates. I’m no expert, and don’t have any top rated shows🤯 , I know I can't believe it either!  What I do have is a passion for podcasting and creating good content. I’m playing the long game of podcasting and having a ton of fun doing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions!

Will this guarantee my podcast will be a success? 🚀
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Podcast Ops does not claim or guarantee that your podcast will grow and/or that you will make money from it.  This is simply a set of templates to help reduce workload for those podcasting.

How do I get access to the templates? 🖥
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Once you've made the purchase I will send you a link to all the templates to duplicate into your own workspaces.

What if I get stuck? 😩
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A tutorial video walkthrough is included with the purchase price.  Additional one on one help can be purchased here.

Can I share Podcast Ops with others? 👇
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No, you are purchasing a single use license which can only be used by you for one product/podcast. You cannot resell or redistribute any material included in the Podcast Ops product in their original or any modified state.  Those found in violation will be notified accordingly.

What if it’s just not right for me? 😬
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I do my best to answer any questions you have about the product prior to purchase. As these are digital templates available immediately for use there are no refunds offered at this time. If you have questions prior to purchasing, please let me know on Twitter or 📧 email

Webflow, what you need to know 📝
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Unfortunately, it isn't possible to directly apply a Webflow Template to an existing project.  I do include a walkthrough of how to add the template as a page to your existing site, however this is advanced!  If you're new to Webflow, for the best experience, you'll need to create a new project based on the Webflow Template.

Disclaimers 📖
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👉 Additional subscriptions and/or purchases may be required from Webflow, Airtable, Integromat and Zapier.  These costs are not included in the purchase price.
👉 This does not tell you how to create a podcast, find an audience or monetize your show.  Check out out Podcast OS for these resources and more!
👉 This is a set of templates to be used as guides to help create your own system to manage, streamline and automate your podcast operations.  A recorded video tutorial is available for purchase to walk you through how to edit each template.

I still have questions 🧐
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No problem! I want to make sure this is what you're looking for before you buy. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter.

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Podcast Ops


➡️ Webflow Template

➡️ Figma Template

➡️ Airtable Base Template

➡️ Zapier & Integromat Flow

➡️ Video Walkthrough

Podcast Ops & Tutorial


➡️ Webflow Template

➡️ Figma Template

➡️ Airtable Base Template

➡️ Zapier Flow Outline

➡️ Video Walkthrough

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