Humble Design

Some day back in early July 2019 I was scrolling socials, and I see a Tweet: Good Measure 004 San Diego with Basic. What's Good Measure? I clicked on the link, read the vague but intriguing Eventbrite post and thought, this sounds like something I need to be involved in, but I'm sure I don't have the stuff to make the cut.

Fast forward to July 31 and to my surprise and impending fear, I was in! As the days rolled closer and the emails started to come in, I had no idea what to expect. See, I wasn't really a designer, and while I worked with designers and devs and PM's, my role was less clearly defined, I did a bit of everything, but had mastered none. I couldn't wait to learn from so many while helping such an amazing cause, it was the most equal mix of fear and excitement I have felt in my career.

I showed up to Basic Friday, August 9, 2019 around 6:00 pm with a laptop, a pen and my water-bottle, what to expect or anyone planning to attend. As we started to pile in we quickly said our hellos, talked about what we might expect and laughed over the fact that so many introverts were now gathered forced to socialize and ready to work together over the weekend. A short while later, The Good Measure Team briefed us, and then we were off.

The next 72 hours changed the scope of my entire future career. Here I was, in a room full of some of the most creative, intelligent, funny, kind, amazing people I had ever met all ready to work as hard as they could to help a non-profit, Humble Design, continue to do more good in this world. There were no egos, no disputes, just intense work ethic, skill on another level, and tons of laughter. What enfolded was an amazingly designed re-brand for Humble Design, many newly forged friendships, and confirmation that it was time for a career change.

Good Measure 004 changed the course of my career by showing me that I simply hadn't yet had the opportunity to work with those who saw the world the same way I did. It reminded me that every human is more alike than we are different . That our struggles are shared, though it may feel like a solo journey; the surrounding support is endless. As 100 strangers gathered one Friday night in August, they emerged as a collective community, helping to re-create an already amazing brand, Humble Design, and give back what they could, even if it was only 72 hours of time. I can't wait to continue to help Good Measure and continue to give back, even if it's only with 72 hours of my time, for now.