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Creative at heart, operations in work, generalist by nature.

Keeping your operations under control while you get back to creating.

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Workflows easier, documentation cleaner, & projects run smoother.

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Monthly operations support making your workflows easier, documentation cleaner, and projects run smoother.


Creator of templates & connector of dots, educating how to stack software, with some design work when needed.

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Turning 'talks too much' into lifelong speaking skills and writing educational content.

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Products and Projects

March 1, 2021

Podcast Ops

Manage and grow your podcast using templates and automations to save time and connect with your online audience.

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Community Ops Template

A notion template created to help manage all your community operations.

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Reflections Template

A template to use for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reflections. Created in Notion.

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Client Database Template

A notion template created to help manage all your client requests

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Career Pivot Templates

A collection of templates and resources created to help you as you work through career pivots or transitions. Created in Notion.

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Documentation Template

A simple Notion template to get you started with creating, organizing and tracking all your documentation.

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Blog Posts and Collobrations

Written contributions to community building.

10 things to consider in community building

Published by
Sara Saunders
| Author
July 12, 2022
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Circle.so vs. Heartbeat vs. Geneva: Which one is Right for you?

Published by Ember Consulting | Contributior
May 12, 2022
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6 Experiments to Try in Your Community | Commsor

Published by Commsor | Contributor
May 2, 2022
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Other Activities

Education, Podcasting & Community

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No Code Education

Previous work at Makerpad as Education Lead to create courses supporting no coders on their journey.

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Talks With SaraNoSocks Podcast Cover Art

Talks with SaraNoSocks

A podcast where I share my own and other's stories of failure and lessons learned along the way.

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A work in progress to create community, sometimes newsletter and resources to support the solo creative.

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