A concept event page for a fitness event.
A concept Tequila brand, telling the story of sophisticated fun.
Sell your book online
The Podcast template is a basic landing page an automated Webflow collection list to display most recent episodes.
 A new way to highlight the hidden success in failure.
Hike For Beer is a local community bringing together nature and craft beer enthusiasts.
Ride the wave to your next event
Market your podcast before you launch!
Typography shines in this blog landing page.
A new way to find the creative community to fit your journey.

Hi 👋 I'm Sara, a California based freelance web designer

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Available for freelance

Designing for events, media companies & content creators.

Landing Page Projects

Creating my own assets in Photoshop and Figma, building in various elements to bring unique lighting, shadows and depth, and making a truly one of a kind environment is my jam.

Hike For Beer
The Child
Event Page Signup
NoSocks Surfing
NoSocks Tequila
FAIL in a new light
Podcast Landing Page
Helping Creatives Book
Community Findr

Partnering with you on design and community.

UI Web Design

Using Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator I collaborate to bring contextual scenes to life telling a written and visual story.

Webflow logo

Visual Development

Bringing your design to life through Webflow allows for advanced interactions and an optimized site.

Sara with microphone

Community Operations Consulting

When I'm not designing I'm working on helping community founders streamline their tools, systems and operations.

Working with brands...

Makerpad Logo
Makerpad Logo

Nice things people say...

Frank Margotta
Frank Margotta

Sara is an absolute delight to collaborate with. In addition to having a wonderful attitude, she's extremely sharp and attentive to details.

Amanda Milo
Amanda Milo

Sara eloquently balances her expertise at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience, and employs radical candor to truly get the job done and done well.

Jeff Border
Jeff Border

There is a balance between management, technology, and design, and Sara just gets it.

Des Clarke
Des Clarke

Sara's not afraid to ask tough questions to ensure the best final product, and does so in a collaborative and thoughtful way.

Candace Nicholson
Candace Nicholson

Sara was immensely helpful when I designed my new Webflow site last year, even going above and beyond to help me