Helping creators
through community operations & strategy.

Keeping your operations under control while you get back to creating.

Hi! I'm Sara

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Creator of flows & connector of dots I work with you to break down how to get from A to B.


Working with community builders to streamline operations making for stronger communities.


Using that 'talks too much' feedback from grade school to create lifelong skills.


When I'm not working I'm sharing my story and others of failure on Talks With SaraNoSocks.

Creative at heart generalist by trade

Partnering with you on community operations.

Sara is a community ops WHIZ

Erin Mikail Staples
Product and Community - Orbit

If you need help figuring out the community operations of your business, contact Sara. She can give you great insights into your unique context as a creator.

Marian Knopp
Workflow Wonder

"Sara made it so easy and fun to navigate the technical questions I had. I highly recommend her consulting "

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