Freelance Web Designer

Storytelling through
design & podcasting.

Freelance Web Designer

Storytelling through
design & podcasting.

Talks With SaraNoSocks Podcast Cover ArtCan I Tell You Something Funny Podcast Cover Art
A concept event page for a fitness event.
A concept Tequila brand, telling the story of sophisticated fun.
 A new way to highlight the hidden success in failure.
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Landing Page Projects

A born storyteller I love building contextual scenes for landing pages.  Designing a unique visual world for the story to live in and travel through is unlocks the power of design.  Creating my own assets in Photoshop and Figma, building in various elements to bring unique lighting, shadows and depth, and making a truly one of a kind environment is my jam. If you're looking for a unique storytelling experience in your design I'd love to see if we're a great fit.

FAIL in a new light
NoSocks Tequila
Event Page Signup
Community Findr


When I'm not behind the computer, you can find me behind the mic on one of my two podcasts. A storyteller in all forms, I love sharing my own journey of failure and all the lessons I learn as well as sharing journey's from amazing folks doing just the same on Talks With SaraNoSocks. It's not all serious, in fact life is too short to be so much pressure.  If you need a laugh about the ridiculousness of everyday life, tune into Can I Tell You Something Funny.

Talks with SaraNoSocks

Ep 45: March is the month of marketing

Can I Tell You Something Funny

Ep 75: "I swap out the button up shirt after a week..."

Latest Tutorials

As a lifelong learner I love to teach others what I know through my YouTube Channel and as a Creator In Residence with Makerpad

Solo Episode 10: Talks With SaraNoSocks - Marketing Fails

Podcast Ops

Streamline your podcast operations

A comprehensive group of templates and automations to share your published podcast content with your online audience through your website, social media channels or newsletter.

  • Webflow Podcast Website Template
  • Figma Coverart template
  • Airtable Base Template
  • Zapier or Integromat flow to automate
  • Video walkthrough of how to implement

Nice things people say...

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"There is a balance between management, technology, and design, and Sara just gets it. Her constant empathy for users helped keep our products aligned and focused, and she has a clear understanding on how to produce highly functioning teams."

Jeff Border

Sr. UI/UX Designer

"Sara is an absolute delight to collaborate with. In addition to having a wonderful attitude, she's extremely sharp and attentive to details. She impressed me with her ability to rapidly shift gears and provide insightful perspectives, keeping the team on track and primed for innovation."

Frank Margotta

Creative Strategist

"Sara is a great collaborator. She's not afraid to ask tough questions to ensure the best final product, and does so in a collaborative and thoughtful way. Having her on the team helps to improve the quality of the product and the user experience. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again given the chance."

Des Clarke

Former Director

With her years of knowledge, dedication to learning, and empathetic mindset, Sara has proven to be a great asset within the realm of product strategy and management. She eloquently balances her expertise at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience, and employs radical candor to truly get the job done and done well. She a phenomenal team player and is one of those people you always want on your team. Given the chance, I would leap at the opportunity to work with her again.

Amanda Milo

Healthcare Innovation Consultant

This cup of coffee is coming far too late, but it was not forgotten. Sara was immensely helpful when I designed my new Webflow site last year, even going above and beyond to help me when I panicked because of a mistake I made while she was on vacation. She took time away from her holiday to help me, and I'll never forget that. I'd definitely recommend her services in the future. 🤓😎😊

Candace Nicholson

Webflow Client