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Community Findr

December 2020

Project Description

Find the creative community to fit your journey.

Date of Project

December 2020

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Role: Designer and Webflow Developer

Community Findr is a new way to discover creative communities. Over the past year there as been a large influx in communities outside of the major sites.  These are fantastic ways to meet new people, discover mentorship, share struggles, get feedback and learn. With all the communities popping up, what was missing was a central location to discover them. Community Findr is a place for discovery.


  • Started and completed in two weeks
  • Designed in Figma, built in Webflow with the addition of Airtable and Zapier integration to automate the collection of new communities and update existing communities.
  • I added CMS filtering to enhance the user experience.
  • Illustrations are from Pablo Stanley


  • Less is more when it comes to features.
  • No code allowed me to not only design but to develop the site from ideation to production


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