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Hike For Beer

May 2021

Project Description

A community for nature and craft beer enthusiasts.

Date of Project

May 2021

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Role: Designer

Hike For Beer is a local community bringing together nature and craft beer enthusiasts.  This concept mobile app was started in September 2019 and shutdown that same month.  This is a marketing landing page for that concept.


  • A concept app for Hike for Beer, a local hiking group.
  • Used Illustrator to vectorize the main image, pulling out the vectorized clouds to carry the theme throughout with the subtle addition of the vectorized arrows to add in a bit of roughness.
  • Photoshop to cutout and clean up beer glass images and add in new logo
  • Figma to pull the entire design together
  • App screens and logo designed by Jeff Border with permission to use.
  • Hike for Beer is a registered trademark with permission to use by holder.


  • Using vector in Figma becomes limiting quickly due to file size
  • A clear story using imagery and copy help create a more cohesive and functional design.


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