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NoSocks Tequila

November 2020

Project Description

A concept Tequila brand.

Date of Project

November 2020

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Role: Designer

NoSocks Tequila is a concept brand showcasing the integration of visual and written storytelling. Integrating the comfort of home and the allure of a night out with friends, NoSocks Tequila weaves visuals with simple copy to build connection with the customer.


  • Started and completed in two weeks
  • Built in Figma using Photoshop for the bottle label creation and set-ups
  • Mobile concept for iPhoneX build out


  • The addition of strong background images helps solidify the story the brand is building
  • Adding tilted images created a sense of play and fun, while keeping engagement.
  • To take this a step further I would incorporate smooth scrolling and give the bottles a bit more fun by enlarging them on hover.

*Images provided by Unsplash, attributed here: Table scene , Agave Plant, Margarita, Bar Scene


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