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NoSocks Vids

June 2021

Project Description

NoSocks Vids is a concept fantasy streaming service.

Date of Project

June 2021

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Role: Designer

A new concept fantasy streaming service, NoSocks Vids brings to life the best of what streaming has to offer in sci-fi fantasy and new originals.


  • A concept fantasy movie, Invisible Dreams
  • Used Photoshop to create the base scene from the 10 original images and finalized the UI in Figma
  • Butterfly wings were the most challenging piece to manipulate and get realistic.


  • Using images with similar lighting will help immensely as you create the scene.
  • Adding depth by focusing on highlighting eyes, using the rule of 3rds and stretching yourself outside the norm brings your style to life.

Original Image Credit

Woman: derick-daily--1_NYuwIQxU-unsplash

Brown Butterfly: dustin-humes-kJ-ENw5bPmI-unsplash

Man: sophie-potyka-EsMVciZP6HY-unsplash

Brown Butterfly 2: aaron-burden--TYvt5pmKng-unsplash

Forest: lukasz-szmigiel-jFCViYFYcus-unsplash

Stars: jeremy-perkins-uhjiu8FjnsQ-unsplash

Black and Blue Butterfly: gayatri-malhotra-wNypLh377_o-unsplash

White Black and Red Butterfly: boris-smokrovic-3Od-27QTnKE-unsplash

Blue Butterfly: aarn-giri-IBhsB71R97k-unsplash

Yellow and Black Butterfly - self original image


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