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Podcast Landing Page

August 2020

Project Description

The Podcast template is a basic landing page an automated Webflow collection list to display most recent episodes.

Date of Project

August 2020

Built Using:



Role: Designer & Webflow Developer

Designed with any podcast in mind, Talks with SaraNoSocks was built as a brief landing page to hold all the relevant episodes and an easy contact form for possible guests, feedback and a way to listen to and share the latest episodes.


  • Simple, one page site with incorporated data flow of episodes via a collection list
  • Integrated Integromat to automate episode publishing to the episodes collection list
  • Used for my other podcast, Can I Tell You Something Funny


  • Making it easy for your listeners to find a show is key
  • Showcasing the show landing page as show cover art with an easy way to listen to the most recent episode increases engagement


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