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Podcast Ops

March 1, 2021

Project Description

Manage and grow your podcast using templates and automations to save time and connect with your online audience.

Date of Project

March 1, 2021

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Launched on March 1, 2021, Podcast Ops was my first paid product offering.  I spent weeks building templates and productizing my own podcast production process.  I learned a lot about myself while building this product.  I loved being head down building, creating and organizing all the templates and recording the tutorial videos but when it came time for sales and marketing, I procrastinated and lost interest.  The below tweet, a few posts across communities and a website (no longer up) was about the extent of my post product marketing efforts. Despite poor marketing I did manage to make a little over $400 in sales. Sales ended in December 2021 and the templates are available for free below.

Airtable template

Webflow Cloneable (no longer available)

Figma Cover art Template


No items found.