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NoSocks Surfing

March 2021

Project Description

Ride the wave to your next event

Date of Project

March 2021

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Role: Designer

Designed in Figma with use of Photoshop to do cutouts and logo transformations. This concept surfing event registration page uses imagery and colors from the ocean to create and inviting sign up experience.


  • Simple, minimal action focused imagery used to entice signups
  • 10 images used in all, cut out in Photoshop and Figma to tie the overall scene together
  • pulling in texture and colors from the ocean imagery to create a cohesive story


Unsplash background and surf photos: lopez-robin-apax4M-4kFI-unsplash, kevin-bosc-_xxpUQRvT6Y-unsplash, louis-moncouyoux-jxG54Kyo7WQ-unsplash

Kelly Slater and Lakey Peterson headshots sourced from https://www.worldsurfleague.com/athletes

Logos: sourced from respresented brands


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