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March 1, 2021

Podcast Ops

Manage and grow your podcast using templates and automations to save time and connect with your online audience.

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Jan 2022

Community Ops Template

A notion template created to help manage all your community operations.

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April 2023

Documentation Template

A simple Notion template to get you started with creating, organizing and tracking all your documentation.

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Dec 2022

Client Database Template

A notion template created to help manage all your client requests

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Nov 2022

Reflections Template

A template to use for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reflections. Created in Notion.

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Nov 2022

Career Pivot Templates

A collection of templates and resources created to help you as you work through career pivots or transitions. Created in Notion.

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Courses and Tutorials

No Code Education for Makerpad

March 2, 2021

How to Build a Product Hunt Clone

At Makerpad, we often get asked by the community for a Product Hunt clone. This tool-path shows you how to set up and build your own Product Hunt clone, chiefly using Webflow, Jetboost, and Memberstack. Shout out to Sara Saunders, a Makerpad Creator in Residence, for contributing this tool path!

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January 20, 2023

Automating Data Extraction

Learn how to move your data and transform it automatically with this beginner-friendly course.

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November 16, 2022

Automating Lead Generation

Learn how to consistently and automatically generate leads from a variety of sources and send them to a custom-built CRM.

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August 10, 2022

A Complete Guide to Lead Management

Build and automate your own entire lead management system to efficiently capture, nurture, and convert customers

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March 1, 2022

Getting Started With No Code

We’ve designed this free curriculum for anyone wanting to learn how to build online without code, whether it’s a business, an app, or automation.

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Website Design and Development

Design work

May 2021

Hike For Beer

A community for nature and craft beer enthusiasts.

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March 2021

The Child

Market your podcast before you launch!

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January 2020

FAIL in a new light

A new way to highlight the hidden success in failure.

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December 2020

Community Findr

Find the creative community to fit your journey.

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December 2020

Event Page Signup

A concept event page for a fitness event.

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